Alloy Piping
Code Vessels
Pipe Shop

Vessel Fabrication


Pressure Vessels

·    Process Columns

·    Towers

·    Stacks

·    Tanks

·    Bubble caps

·    Risers

·    Trays

·    Vessels of non-circular geometry

·    Food Grade Vessels

Vessel Fabrication

·    ASME Code Stamps

·    Vessels up to 10 feet in diameter

·    Code, Non-Code, Jacketed, Copper Lined

·    Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium,

       Inconel, Duplex, Monel, Zirconium

Custom and Complex Fabrication


24 hour call out service for

Pressure Vessel and Tank Repairs

·   Intricate Process Trays

·   Hoppers & Chutes

·   Industrial Ducting

·   Aluminum Fabrication

·   Water Jet Cutting

·   Laser Cutting

·   Complex Geometric Configurations

·   Machined Parts

Production Pipe Fabrication and Bending


Production Pipe Fabrication and Bending:

Spool pipe in all sizes and all alloys including:


        Carbon Steel

        HIC Plate

        Stainless Steel

        Nickel Alloys

        Pure Copper and Copper alloys

        Titanium and Zirconium


        Dissimilar Welding

        Acid Piping

We can qualify ANY welding procedure.

In-house bending capabilities from 1/2” sch. 40 to 8” sch. 80 for heavy wall applications. 

24 hour call out service for Piping Repairs

Stainless Steel Production Pipe



Metal Working Equipment

·   Plate Shears 10 foot x 3/8” stainless

·   Five Press Brakes, Two with 500 ton capacity

·   Power Plate Bending Rolls, 3/4” thick plate,

    10 foot capacity

·   Hand Brakes

·   Multi-Process Welding Machines

·   Orbital Welding

·   Iron Workers

·   Punch Presses

·   CNC High Definition Plasma Cutters,

    10 foot x 20 foot x 2” carbon steel capacity

·   Horizontal Mills

·   Lathes

·   Mills

·   Radial Arm Drills

Contact us at

(409) 765-6361

Alloy Capabilities

·   Carbon & Stainless

·   Inconel

·   Incoloy

·   Hastelloy

·   Copper Alloys

·   Titanium & Zirconium

·   HIC Plate

·   Chrome-Moly

·   Overlays in Copper, Stellite, Inconel, Hastelloy


·   Pickle Passivation

·   PMI (Positive Material Identification)

·   Electrical Buss Bar

·   Electrical Control Cabinets

·   Vessel Design

·   Pipe Bending

·   Water-Jet Cutting

·   Plasma Cutting

·   Hydrotesting

·   Radiography


Positive Materials Identification (PMI)

Farmer’s Alloy Fabricating now offers PMI services.

(Positive Material Identification) has become an important process for many of our customers.  We now have the capability to perform PMI inspections in-house or on field projects.  We have an XRF (X-ray Fluorescent) instrument as well as an OES (Optical Emission Spectrometer) in which both of these machines offer the most accurate results available today.  Our PMI technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable as well.


So if you need PMI included with turn-key fabrication, or PMI on existing equipment, or even on a job another company is building for you, please think of Farmer’s for your PMI.  As with everything we do, service and quality are what we aim to provide every time.

Positive Materials Identification (PMI) & Materials Testing Capabilities

·   Alloy Verification

·   Carbon Analysis

·   Ferrite Measurement

·   Most accurate instruments available

·   Highly experienced specialists

Pickling & Passivation


Pickling and Passivating

·   Stainless Steel Decontamination

·   Passivation of 300 Series Stainless Steel

·   Pickle liquor submersion method used for iron

    de-contamination and carbon removal for

    a premium corrosion resistant finish

·   Drive thru facility with 3 ton overhead

    cranes and palletized loading and unloading

    with same day turn around in most cases

Pickling doesn't just make it look better, it is better because it is decontaminated.



Current Texas Electrical Contractor License
Current Texas Electrical Master License

- Turn-Key Control Houses

- Commercial

- Industrial

- Medical Facilities

- Trouble shooting & Repairs

- Buss Bar

- Water cooled Buss Bar

- Flexible Buss Bar

- Weld-On Steel to Copper Grounding Lugs

- Electrical Apparatus Fabrication

- Silver Brazing

- High Amperage Switches

- Chlorine Cells

To make sure that customer needs are being met, our employees are continually updated and trained on new products and services that can help you. We are committed to giving you the kind of service you need and expect.

24 hour call out service for

Industrial Electrical Repairs

Call us anytime, day or night, for all your fabrication needs.

We do repairs for vessel work, machining repairs, repairs to piping, and any industrial electrical repair you may need.

Main Line (409) 765-6361
Doug Polzin, Plant Manager (409) 370-6699
Ed Morris, Project Coordinator (409) 682-5757

24 Hour Call Out Service

Est. 1920 as Farmer’s Marine Copper Works, Inc.
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We hope that after looking through this web site you have a better understanding of our broad capabilities, and our absolute commitment to helping our customers... and that is how we have remained in business for four generations.

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