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Metal Fabrication and Welding

Farmers is a metal fabrication shop with highly skilled welders capable of producing a wide variety of projects.


Welding MIG, TIG, stick, orbital, submerge arc, weld overlay, disimilar weld, high alloy and low alloy welds, super duplex and duplex, zirconium and titanium.  Hundreds of ASME Section IX Qualified Weld Procedures.  DNV and PED qualified.

Metal Working Equipment:

·   Plate Shears 10 foot x 3/8” stainless

·   Five Press Brakes, Two with 300 ton capacity

·   Power Plate Bending Rolls, 1/2” thick plate,

    10 foot capacity

·   Hand Brakes

·   Multi-Process Welding Machines

·   Orbital Welding

·   Iron Workers

·   Punch Presses

·   CNC High Definition Plasma Cutters,

    10 foot x 20 foot x 2” carbon steel capacity

·   Lathes

·   Mills

·   Radial Arm Drills

Alloy Capabilities:

·   Carbon & Stainless

·   Inconel

·   Monel

·   Duplex

·   Super Duplex

·   Hastelloy

·   Copper Alloys

·   Titanium & Zirconium

·   HIC Plate

·   Chrome-Moly

·   Overlays in Copper, Stellite, Inconel,

    Hastelloy, Monel, Stainless steel


·   Pickle Passivation

·   PMI (Positive Material Identification)

·   Electrical Buss Bar

·   Electrical Control Cabinets

·   Vessel Design

·   Pipe Bending

·   Plasma Cutting

·   Hydrotesting

·   Radiography

Orbital Welding

Orbital welding is specialized automatic welding, whereby the mechanically driven welding arc rotates continuously 360 degrees around a pipe or tube that is fixed in place.  
It is more productive than manual welding as it is controlled by a computer and creates more uniform welding all around the pipe or tube.

Automatic Orbital Welding
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